My boys and me one morning in June, just before class started. Photo by Macollvie J. Neel

On the last day of February this year, I pushed “publish” on my very first, very simple website. I didn’t plan to go live on a leap day, but life happened. In the end, it was fitting since I was jumping into entrepreneurship.

After years of doing entrepreneurial things and thinking about the type of business I should own, followed by months of thinking and planning to turn my free writing services into a business, I was excited to be officially in business. My calendar was filling up with prospects, pitches, and workshop opportunities. And now I had a website!

Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash

Ah, yes — the mid-year review. That time in the corporate denizen’s annual cycle that makes her pause, take a deep long sigh, and ask the age-old question: Can I really do this for another year, or should I start sending out resumes now?

Well, whether you’re staying or going, the midyear is always a good time to ask for more money or another role you want. At a minimum, it gives your manager what she needs to advocate for you.

Three reasons to have the midyear

Here are a few scenarios where it’s useful:

1) You had a blowout…

Coronavirus is still killing people and spreading even if you don’t feel it

Photo by Pieter on Unsplash

“Does anyone know anybody personally who’s actually had coronavirus?”

That question, or something like it, came across my Facebook feed sometime in late March. It seemed innocuous enough, but I couldn’t help feeling the attitude was: Is this a hoax or what?

Immediately, an image of my sister lying in bed ill with COVID-19 popped into my head.

At the time, cases were ramping up in New York City. Still, we were on pause. …

Photo of a bird in flight by Eve Maier on Unsplash


I met the Sankofa bird the day I landed in Accra, Ghana, summer of 2001.

When I touched down in that sprawling, tropical city on a breezy Sunday afternoon, I immediately felt closer to my native Haiti — 4,900 miles across the Atlantic — than I had felt living in Brooklyn for a decade, less than half that distance.

As I rode into city center, anticipation made me hyperalert. The sun’s rays really did seem to touch every single thing — just like Mufasa said in The Lion King. The heat; all the browns, bronzes, ebonies, and golds of…

Macollvie J. Neel

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